‘Tim Cope is one of the most vibrant and engaging narrators you may find.’ – The Weekend Australian

Do you have a passion for travel and adventure? And, somewhere in your heart, do you harbour a secret dream to turn your wanderings into a best-selling volume of travel writing? Well, you’re in luck.

The 2017 TASMANIAN WRITERS AND READERS FESTIVAL offers you the opportunity to move that dream a little closer to reality, under the guidance of one of Australia’s most compelling adventurers, writers, filmmakers and presenters—Tim Cope.

In 2014, Tim embarked on an incredible 10,000-kilometre horseback odyssey across the Mongolian desert, in a three-year discovery of the perils and joys of nomadic life. His award-winning book, On the Trail of Genghis Khan—An Epic Journey Through The Land of the Nomads, is his account of this remarkable journey.

The Tasmanian Writers & Readers Festival is thrilled to invite you to join Tim’s exclusive, small group masterclass on Friday 15 September. Over this entertaining and informative four-hour session, Tim will draw on the challenges he faced in writing On The Trail of Genghis Khan and the making of the film series of the same title, to teach you the importance of shaping your writing through theme, and weaving your personal narrative with the people and history you encounter.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to explore the art of travel writing and turn your journey into more than just a travel tale.

Travel Writing with Tim Cope
Friday 15 September 2017, 11am – 3pm, Hadley’s Orient Hotel
Tickets: $99.00 General, $77.00 Member / Concession / Student

Tim will also appear at the following festival sessions:

Adventures on the Page – Tim Cope with Robyn Mundy, Elizabeth Leane and Jeff Malpas
Saturday 16 September 2017, 11am-12 noon ($22/$17)
Every story is an adventure, with a beginning, a venturing out, and a setting forth for parts unknown. Under expedition leader Jeff Malpas, the team of Tim Cope, Robyn Mundy, and Ellie Leane will venture into the wilds of contemporary adventure writing. Our panel will explore the reasons why adventure is so appealing, the adventurous character of the imagination and the special nature of adventure writing—and share their own adventurous experiences and the stories that go with them.

Remarkable Journeys (with canine companion and official Festival dog, Tigon)
Sunday 17 September 2017, 12-1pm, Hadley’s Orient Hotel $20/$15
Come along to hear more about Tim’s 10,000 km horseback journey across the Eurasian steppe from Mongolia through Kazakhstan, Russia, and the Ukraine to Hungary on a quest to understand the nomadic way of life. Tim will discuss his book On the Trail of Genghis Khan and introduce his faithful travelling companion—his dog Tigon.

‘Tim Cope is a beautiful explorer – by which I mean that he explores beautiful places, but also that he does it beautifully. This is a young man possessed of extraordinary courage, but also great sensitivity and respect. His writing, like his journeys, speaks to a heightened soul, operating at its highest potential. He is an inspiration to me and I believe he will be an inspiration for many. To anyone who believes that there are no worlds left to be discovered, I offer up the evidence of this magnificent tale.’ – Elizabeth Gilbert


To book online, click on the session link above. Bookings also available through the Theatre Royal over the phone and in person.