2015 Calendar

Thursday 10 September 2015

The Story Behind the Story
Cate Kennedy and Kathryn Lomer
Many of us are as interested in writers’ lives as we are in the books they write. Join acclaimed writers Cate Kennedy and Kathryn Lomer as they give you the nitty-gritty of what ti takes to complete a book: from touring and travelling to research and inspiration. Oh, and all that actual writing.


Friday 11 September 2015

Masterclass: The Essence of Great Stories
Cate Kennedy
Explore what turns a good story into an unforgettable one in this one-day intensive workshop with award-winning writer Cate Kennedy. You’ll learn the ins and outs of narrative decisions, compelling characterisation, effective point of view, and control of imagery and metaphor from one of the best in the business
 Masterclass: See What I Mean – The Power of Description
Brent MacLaine
Whether you’re writing poetry, prose or anything in between, you need to master the words that translate images into memorable descriptions. Join Canadian poet Brent MacLaine fora  morning full of exercises that’ll help you fill your worlds with imagery and leave an indelible impact in your readers’ minds.
 Masterclass: Turning the Real into Fiction – Ways of Starting Out
Stephanie Bishop
Taking real events, whether that be a family story or a banal happening in everyday life, we’ll consider the ways in which fiction can manipulate the facts of an event in order to explore a more pressing emotional truth. We will investigate the relationship between truth and fiction through a series of exercises to help you to think about the overall structure and focus of your creative project.


 Meet the Writers
Helen Shield from 936 ABC Hobart brings her lively radio show to the Festival – and the Festival to the world. Your Afternoon is broadcasting from Hadley’s Hotel, choosing a selection of our writers to tell their stories. Come along and join the conversation.


 Salamanca Walk
Take a guided walk through Salamanca and discover the colourful identities from the city’s colonial past, including convicts, whalers, jam makers, ship builders, just to name a few.
 Festival Opening
Kick off the festivities and share a glass of champers or two with our visiting writers. The shortlist for the Tasmanian Premier’s Literary Prizes will also be announced.
In Conversation
Don Watson with Heather Rose
One of Australia’s finest writers, Don Watson, will share his meanderings and thoughts on the Australian Landscape and character with Tasmanian author Heather Rose
 Place and Imagination
Cate Kennedy, Katherine Scholes, and Stephanie Bishop with Russell Kelly
How important is a sense of place when you’re telling a story? Critically acclaimed and flat-out excellent authors Cate Kennedy, Katherine Scholes and Stephanie Bishop give the low-down on location and why it’s important to make your setting sing.
 Festival Club Silver Words
MC Max Bladel
Where wordsmiths and comics test their mettle. Enjoy the music, literary cocktails with plenty of laughs!
Finish off the evening with some of our extraordinarily talented performance poets, including Omar Musa.


Saturday 12 September 2015

 Art in the Ice
Robyn Mundy and Favel Parrett with Jane McCredie
For over 100 years Antarctica has drawn explorers, adventurers, and artists into its interior. Robyn and Favel discuss the power and the allure of the great southern continent, and why it’s a continual source of inspiration for a world that’s getting warmer
One for the Word Nerds
Don Watson, Jane Caro and Julian Burnside with Jeff Malpas
Words empower us, whether we are writing to the Prime Minister, Centrelink or a past lover. Join Don, Jane and Julian as they explore the wonderful world of words that can bring us joy, madness, hesitation, blind fury and ecstatic delight. This session was sponsored by 26TEN – Get the Tools for Life.


In Conversation
Amanda Lohrey with Caroline Baum
Amanda Lohrey is one of Tasmania’s most loved, most acclaimed and most successful authors. Join her in conversation with Caroline Baum as they discuss her latest novel, A Short History of Richard Kline.
 Painting with Words: How to Write a Career
Posie Graeme-Evans and Ann Turner with Peter George
Join writers Posie Graeme-Evans and Ann Turner as they discuss the art of writing for the screen and page. The storytelling landscape is evolving from the book to the screen, and the TV series is now more aligned with the novel as it gathers momentum and revolutionises how we tell stories.
 Smoking Guns and Dead Leads
Michael Robothan, David Owen, and Tansy Rayner Roberts with Polly McGee
Who doesn’t love a good crime novel? From Doyle and Christie to Chandler and Larsson, whodunits and law-breaking capers have captured our imagination for over a century. Don’t miss crime-writing experts Michael, David and Tansy as they delve into the world fo detectives, dead bodies and dastardly deeds.


 Justice Through Courage
Rodney Croome, Bob Brown and Jane Caro with Jeff Malpas
We all want to be brave – but how can bravery make a big difference? Come along and hear Rodney, Bob and Jane shed some light on where courage and advocacy comes from, why it’s so important, and how it can change the world.
 New Black Voices
Jane Harrison in conversation with Terry Whitebeach
Jane is a descendant of the Muruwari people of NSW and a novelist and playwright. Her play, Stolen, has received national and international critical acclaim. Her latest YA novel Becoming Kirrali Lewis is not your usual come-of-age story. Join Terry and Jane as they discuss the Stolen Generations and how YA writers are offering new ways to engage with culture.


 Our Heart is Her Heart
Carmel Bird with Danielle Wood
Novelist, short story writer, and queen of the how-to book, Carmel Bird has two brand new titles ont he shelves: a memoir Fair Game and a short story collection My Hearts are Your Hearts. Both reveal that although Bird hasn’t lived in Tasmania for years, her heart has never truly left home.
 Poetry in Motion
Omar Musa, Sarah Holland-Batt and Brent MacLaine with Cameron Hindrum
This is one poetry panel you won’t want to miss. Grab a drink, take a seat and lean in close as Omar, Sarah and Brent each present their work. We accept no responsibility for blown minds and shivering spines.
 In Conversation
Robert Dessaix with Caroline Baum
With a career spanning decades and continents, Robert Dessaix is one of Australia’s most unique and virtuosic writers.
 Gwen Harwood Poetry Prize, Geoff Dean Short Story Prize
Winners announced by Sarah Holland-Batt and Amanda Lohrey
The Hobart Bookshop and Island present the 20th Gwen Hardwood Poetry Prize; and the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre, Island and the Geoff and Elizabeth Dean Foundation present the first Geoff Dean Short Story Prize. Honouring the lives of two of Tasmania’s most accomplished poets and short story writers.
 Whisky Tales: Stories You Can Drink To
Jon Kudelka and Bernard Lloyd with Brett Steel
Join Spiritual Journey author Jon Kudelka and whisky historian Bernard Lloyd for a special night of whisky tastings and tales as we delve deep into the narrative of Tasmanian whisky from the 1820s to the 2020s. What’s come before, what’s next and what’s likely to be. Hosted by Tasmanian Whisky Tours founder Brett Steel, this is going to be a night of whiskies paired with food, recollections and insights into a Tasmanian palate ripe with narrative.


 Tasmania: A Land of Dregs, Bogans and Third-Generations Morons
Chaired by Rachel Edwards
Join Tasmania’s writers of tomorrow, who will be reading from their work and discussing how they want this state to be, how they plan to exist within it and who will read their work in the future.


 Now Hear This
Presented by ABC’s Melanie Tait
Join us for this live recorded evening as Melanie Tait presents a special edition of ABC Radio National’s Now Hear This. Eight stories about ‘The First Time’ will offer you a night of spellbinding entertainment.
 Keep the Reader Guessing – Recipes for a Page Turner
Antonia Hayes, Rachel Treasure and Ann Turner with Polly McGee
Join Antonia Hayes, Rachel Treasure and Ann Turner as they discuss their work and explore themes of love, trust and the dark side of relationships.
 Festival Club Comedy Night
MC Andrew Harper
Where wordsmiths and comics test their mettle. Enjoy the music, literary cocktails with plenty of laughs. Complete an extraordinary day with wonderful comic talent.


Sunday 13 September 2015

In Conversation
Michael Robotham with Caroline Baum
Michael’s novels have been translated into 22 languages. A two-time winner of the Australian Ned Kelly Award for Best Crime Novel, he has also been twice shortlisted for the UK Crime Writers’ Association Steel Dagger and twice for the CWA’s acclaimed Gold Dagger award (Say You’re Sorry, 2013 and Life or Death, 2014)
 Writing the Unspeakable
Antonia Hayes, Stephanie Bishop and Peter Timms with Jane McCredie
The world isn’t always nice and it isn’t always easy to write about. Antonia, Stephanie and Peter are all experts in finding ways to talk about difficult subjects, whether it be broken relationships, hidden secrets or unspeakable acts. Join them as they discuss the ways they approach their worlds.
 Conversations with Richard Fidler
Richard Fidler with Antonia Hayes
Join us for a live recording of ABC Radio National’s Conversations. Richard presents an hour-long conversation with Antonia Hayes. In another life, Richard was co-founder of musical comedy group the Doug Anthony Allstars, who performed all over the world, often in exotic places like Edinburgh, New York, Barcelona and Dubbo.


 An Inkpot of Fate
Christopher Downes, Sarah Firth and Josh Santospirito
Graphic storytellers UNITE! Condemned to draw pictures, Christopher, Sarah, and Josh discuss their fate. Perhaps you require an example, so join these fine visual storytellers for a very special hour. In this event we will be taken on an audio-visual rodeo ride with terrific tales told in multiple mediums.
 Young Adult? Yes Please
Kathryn Lomer, Kate Gordon and Jane Harrison with Melanie Tait
What’s a young adult book? Heck, what’s a young adult? If you love books but you’re not sure of the answers to those questions – or if you are and you love great YA writing – then you need to hear superstar young adult writers Kathryn Lomer, Kate Gordon and Jane Harrison speak about their hugely popular work.
 Our Write to Change the World
Jane Caro, Don Watson, and Julian Burnside with James Dryburgh
James Dryburgh leads the discussion asking panelists to reflect on the language of politics, law and advertising. To what extent are our collective character, actions, hopes and fears sculpted by language. And where do spin, myth, truth and lies meet? Jane Caro, Don Watson and Julian Burnside enter the maze.


 Women of Letters
Co-curated by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire
A celebration of the beautiful lost art of letter-writing. Six impressive Tasmanian women – Cassy O’Connor, Pip Stafford, Kirsha Kaechele, Favel Parrett, Claire Sullivan and Heather Rose – will entertain and delight us with letters written to the theme of ‘Trading Places’ with someone.
 My Brilliant Career: A Life in Food
Matthew Evans, Jo Cook, Julie Dunbabin and Christina Giudici with Helen Hayward.
What makes someone throw their lives into kitchens and cookbooks? It’s only food, after all – or is it? Helen Hayward, author of For the Love of Food: Stories and Recipes from Extraordinary Tasmanians, asks our guests about their culinary beginnings, passions and inspirations, and the special ingredients that have made it all possible.


 Short, Sharp Shreds
Carmel Bird, Adam Ouston and Robbie Arnott with Danielle Wood
Everyone loves a story. The popularity of short stories in Australia is skyrocketing. The reading public just cannot get enough. To find out why, come along and hear award-winning writers Carmel, Adam and Robbie as they each read and talk about their stories.
Playwrights: Connecting with the Audience
Jane Harrison, Robert Jarmen and Sean Munro with Annette Downs
Join our celebrated playwrights as they discuss Tom Stoppard’s quote: the subtlety of my allusions are all too often lost on the audience. How do theatre makers ensure they are connecting with their audience.
 40 Degrees South Anthology Launch
Join us for the launch of the Forty South Short Story Anthology 2015 – the best of the Tasmanian Writers’ Prize 2015 as judged by Chris Gallagher and David Owen. Special guests include the wonderfully creative Tasmanian author Lian Tanner and the winner of the 2015 competition, Rachel Leary.
 Changing Places
Bob Brown
Bob will deliver the closing address for the Festival. Drawing on the themes from the Festival, he will reflect on what is means to ‘Change Places’ and the points where ‘Truth and Imagination’ collide. As a champion of liberty and human compassion, his reflections and optimism are more relevant now than ever before.