Wilderness and the Human Soul

Hadley's Orient Hotel 15 September, 2017 19:30 - 21:00

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Bob Brown
James Dryburgh
Heather Rose
Pete Hay
muka nawnta

What do wild places mean for the human soul? What of our nature is unlocked when we return to the rhythms of the natural world? How has this changed over time? How are we reshaping this relationship now? Join Pete Hay, Heather Rose, Bob Brown and James Dryburgh for some soul searching.

This session will begin and end with a performance by singers Jodi Haines, Judith Reid and Kartanya Maynard.

Bob Brown is an activist, author, photographer and former leader of the Australian Greens. He led the campaign to save the Franklin River in the 1980s and has served in the Tasmanian Parliament and the Senate. He retired from Parliament in 2012 to establish the Bob Brown Foundation.

James Dryburgh has been published in a number of publications including Smith Journal, New Internationalist, Wild Magazine, Island Magazine, Tasmania 40 South, amongst others. James writes provocative essays about important things. His first book is Essays from Near and Far.

Pete Hay is a Tasmanian poet, scholar and activist whose published works include Main Currents in Western Environmental Thought, Vandiemonian Essays—a co-authored photoessay with text, created with photographer Matthew Newton—and four books of poetry, most recently Last Days of the Mill (with visual artist Tony Thorne).

Heather Rose is an award-winning Australian author who has written seven novels for adults and children. Her latest novel, The Museum of Modern Love (2016), is inspired by the life and work of the artist Marina Abramovic, and was awarded the 2017 Stella Prize and the 2017 Christina Stead Prize.

muka nawnta means saltwater sisters. Our three sisters are Kartanya Maynard, Jodi Haines and Jude Reid. They mix it up with soulful covers and original music from the heart. All three members of muka nawnta are deeply rooted in their separate cultures and shared experiences, this is reflected in their music.


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