Masterclass: Fiction Writing – Playing in Limitless Space with Ashley Hay

Hadley's Orient Hotel 14 September, 2017 13:00 - 16:00

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Ashley Hay

One of the wonderful things about working with fiction is a sense of limitlessness about its possibilities. This workshop provides a range of clear tools and strategies to help you explore the boundless possibilities of stories you know, stories you’ve dreamed, or stories you need to discover—to find your way into a beginning and to keep your fiction moving once it’s underway.

Drawing on her own rich background of more than 25 years of writing, from journalism and narrative non-fiction to short stories and literary fiction, Ashley Hay will inspire and guide you through the exciting and expansive space of all that your stories can be.

Ashley Hay is a renowned Australian novelist and science writer. She has written three novels, including her most recent work, A Hundred Small Lessons (2017). Her works of narrative non-fiction include The Secret, Gum, Herbarium and Museum, and her essays, short stories and journalism have been published in numerous anthologies and journals.


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$88.00 General
$66.00 Member / Concession / Student