Book Launch: 40 South Short Story Anthology

Hadley's Orient Hotel 16 September, 2017 16:00 -

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James Dryburgh

The finalists in the 2017 Tasmanian Writers’ Prize, as selected by Peter Grant, Margaret Johnson and Fiona Stocker – and our special cover featuring, as is now tradition, a night-sky masterpiece by Jonathan Esling.Join us for the launch of the Forty South Short Story Anthology 2017 at the Tasmanian Readers and Writers Festival.

To be launched by Tasmanian author James Dryburgh.

The Tasmanian Writers’ Prize asks entrants to choose “an island or island-resonant theme”. As part of this event a panel, comprised of finalists and judges, will discuss writing on a given theme. In addition winner, Jennifer Porter, and finalist, Karenlee Thompson, will read excerpts from their stories.

The event is free of charge and refreshments will be provided.

James Dryburgh writes provocative essays about important things. From working in a mine in Bolivia to share the miners’ stories and compare a miner’s life in Bolivia to those in Australia, to revealing the story of the short-lived Pontville Detention Centre. His articles and essays have been published widely and in 2012, he spoke at the International Congress of Rural Sociology in Lisbon, Portugal, on the role of the media in amplifying the voices of the world’s poor. In 2014, James’ first book was launched: Essays from Near and Far (Walleah Press).